a salute to service…


© photo by michelle bryant

~ written for two parents whose only son was joining the army and moving away for the first time. but dedicated to anyone who has a child in the military

first he’s puppy dogs and GI Joe’s
then he’s into… heaven knows?
he’s changed so fast and now he’s grown,
ready to start his life alone.

it’s hard to hold back
but you know you must try,
for children grow-up
and soon wave good-bye.

he’s in search of adventure,
pursuing laughter and dreams,
a whole different world
than what he has seen.

you want him home,
protected and safe.
yet, you know he must go…
and find his own space.

(but) he has all the tools,
you’ve taught him quite well,
but saying “good-bye”
is going to be hell.

when you see him again,
when he’s wearing his rank,
he’ll be a man like no other,
with his parents to thank!

yes, you’re saying “good-bye”
and that’s hard enough,
but you’re saying “hello”
to some other great stuff…

to strength and growth and happiness,
saying “hello” to a brand new Chris.
think about…the pride, the joy,
as you gaze at what was once your boy…

think about…
those GI Joe’s
and know that your son,
is one of those.

he’s carrying with pride and honor,
the values you two have taught
and everyday that he is gone,
he misses you both… a lot!

he’s fighting wars, and saving lives,
serving his country as part of a team,
though miles may separate him from home…
you’ll be connected at night in his dreams.

© michelle bryant

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