so messed up…


© photo by michelle bryant


you’re so messed up.
you are so many people –
possess so many feelings.
you are a crier and a smiler,
a lover and a fighter.
you’re a dreamer.
but really – who are you? what are you?
do you know?

you want someone who’ll treat you tender,
in spite of all your coldness,
because you hurt inside,
because you’re afraid.
you want someone
who’ll hold you when it’s dark.
you say: it’s weird
but often you’re hurting most
when cracking jokes.
you say: you want to be
so much more than you are.
you want to grow, to change
yet, you want to hold on
to what you’ve got.

you want to be forgiven
for being lazy when you are capable.
you want to be forgiven
for turning your head or deliberately
not seeing or hearing,
because you feel inferior,
when someone like you
someone just like you,
is helplessly calling.
you want someone who’ll know you
as you really are.

but who are you really?
do you know?

© michelle bryant

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