are you sure?


are you sure you want to take a chance on mi?
there are a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t.
i’m incredibly insecure, often shy, acutely sensitive and incurably romantic.
i tend to be needy when i feel most vulnerable or threatened.
i require reassurance almost constantly and
sometimes require attention like a child.
my fear often erupts as anger and i tend to want to give up sometimes.
i’m often moody and am likely to overreact.
i cry about something almost everyday.
i can turn from laughter to melancholy on a dime.
i come across strong but am merely masking a smile
while inside i am barely holding it together.
and so i ask,
are you sure you want to chance on all that?? on mi??
when there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t.

i’m often serious and worry too much, and try too hard.
i’m seldom predictable in a script that changes daily
and tend to be hard to read and have been called insatiable.
i mope sometimes when i don’t get my way.
i often fear closeness and tend to push it away.
i’ve been known to compromise for inappropriate attention in the hopes it would
lead to someone loving mi, a love i crave.
and so i have to ask,
are you sure,
with all of this,
when there’s just this mess of mi..
no charm, or subtlety..just this mess
are you sure
you want to take a chance on mi??


© michelle bryant

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