breathe on mi…


© photo by michelle bryant

my body pressed to yours,
your arms around mi tight,
i feel your breath on my neck
as we settle for the night.

i wiggle in so close and warm
any closer i’d be inside.
just breathe on mi as i fall asleep
for in your arms – i’ve died.

i think they call it “spooning”
(but) i just call it ecstasy,
for lying like this with you
is beyond mere words to mi.

i feel your breath on my neck,
my back feels your heartbeat,
i press firmly against your body
together – making heat.

breath on mi please,
for it takes my breath away.
i live to be this close to you,
wrapped in your embrace,

to close my eyes and know you’re there,
there’s nowhere else i’d rather be.
so baby, pull in tighter and closer,
and please – just breathe on mi.

© michelle bryant

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