As time goes on you learn.


You learn
the profound difference between
the struggles of breaking free
From the shackles
And the freedom of releasing your secret soul.
You learn the art of self examination
and the repulsiveness of judgement.
You begin to recognize each situation for what it is instead of what you think it should be.

As time goes on you begin to learn
that affection has levels
and often comes with conditions, intentions,
or limitations.

You learn
that lonliness is often accompanied,
And love doesn’t always provide security.

You stop comparing yourself to others
And accept that everyone,
Though different than you,
also has value and worth.
You learn
That you and everything around you doesnt have to be perfect,
That its ok to not be ok,
That you can be both a masterpiece
and a work in progress.

As time goes on you learn
That you have the power
To make a difference in someone’s life,
That You really are strong
And you do have worth.
In fact,
You’re not only good enough
You’re more than enough.

You learn never to regret
The time you spend
With the people you care about,
to hold tight to things
you once took for granted
And to release those
That rob you of your peace.

As time goes on you learn
That a positive day begins
with a positive attitude
and you recognize
as you gaze upon each sunset
that no matter the course of events,
Every day will end quite beautifully.

And as time goes on
You learn
that as wonderful as the sun may feel
On your shoulders it still burns harsh.
Yet it is by both its warmth and pain
That You grow and bloom
And decorate the world around you.

You learn that the mountains you defeated were simply making you a liitle bolder
as you paved your way,
Transforming them into mere stepping stones.

You eventually learn
to build all your dreams
on today’s foundation
for tomorrow’s ground is unpredictable,
and unsteady.

As time goes on,
You finally accept failures as victories
And look more to the road ahead
Than the one travelled.
You summon your wild, inner child
and beckon her to play more often,
Pushing aside the fallacy
that childlike ways are unsuitable
for women of immense caliber.

and as time goes on.
And you rejoice in new life
and mourn in lost ones,
You learn even more closely…
with every goodbye,
How precious is the here and now
And how powerful the moment.


c. michelle bryant griffin
Photo credit: jordan benton- pexels

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