do i tell you?


© photo by michelle bryant

do i tell you i wake up in the middle of the night
with you on my mind?
do i tell you songs on the radio
lead mi to thinking of you every time?

do i tell you i cry everyday
wondering what happened and why
do i tell you my heart is aching (‘cause i know yours is too)
and it just cant seem to get by?

do i tell you i still feel your hugs and your kisses
and miss your laughter and smile too?
do i take a chance you even want to hear all this
and might miss mi as much as i miss you?

or do i simply pick up the pieces of another broken heart
and try to get through another day
going through the motions, living life and looking for love
that i thought i found when you came my way?

do i try to convince my mind, my heart that you don’t even exist
and do all i can do to get rest?
do i stay busy, consumed with work and life
in hopes that i’ll not feel the achiness?

when not too deep inside i want to hold you
and make everything okay.
i want to tell you that i understand and miss you.
but do i tell you or walk away?

© michelle bryant

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