do you feel my prayers?


© photo by michelle bryant

did you feel my prayers for you today
as the wind blew across your face?
did you hear the Lord speak to you
as you take your needed space?

did you take the time to hear His voice,
to let him show you that he’s there,
that you have such worth and value,
that he really truly cares?

that he hears you when you call on him
that he’s proud to call you “son”-
that all has been forgotten
for the things you think you’ve done?

did you feel him tell your healing heart
it’s okay to cry as you strip away-
the old chaff that’s being torn apart
to the man of God, TODAY!?

did you hear him in the wind as it blew
tell your heart that you’re okay,
that he wants to walk beside you,
guide your steps along the way?

did you feel my prayers today
as the wind softly touched your cheek,
as the Lord told you that you’re loved by Him?
and that you’re also loved…by mi?

i hope so.


© michelle bryant

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