dont give up…


© photo by michelle bryant

don’t ever give up the fight,
no matter how rough life seems.
don’t ever get so discouraged,
that you start to lose faith in your dreams.

don’t ever hesitate to pick yourself up,
when everything starts to fall.
don’t get so discouraged,
that you choose to do nothing at all.

keep that chin up and hold your head high,
keep on striving,
while you keep on surviving,
keep grasping for strength and pride.

for no matter what your goal in life is,
no matter how big or small,
don’t ever give up the fight,
or there’s no chance of winning at all.

don’t ever stop believing in yourself.
don’t ever give up on the chance to succeed.
don’t ever give up the struggle.
don’t ever be too scared too bleed.

for one day, all the roses will blossom,
and the thorns will be faded away,
and then you’ll be glad you kept up the fight,
to get where you are today.

© michelle bryant

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