reach out…


© photo by michelle bryant

~ written at age 18

haven’t you felt like nobody cares?
have you wondered why you are alive?
haven’t you been purposely hurt?
have you felt like you couldn’t survive?

haven’t you cried for the need of compassion.
for the shoulder of a caring friend?
have you ever felt like nobody cared,
that your world had come to an end?

haven’t you prayed that life would be grand?
have you ever been teased ‘til you bled?
haven’t you longed for the touch of a hand,
been misunderstood and misled?

haven’t you ever just hurt inside?
have you felt like you just couldn’t move?
haven’t you crushed at each little dig?
haven’t you longed for love?

haven’t you ever wished for more
than what you already own?
haven’t you hoped and prayed and cried,
that you wouldn’t be left alone?

if ever you’ve felt these feelings,
you know what it’s like to be scared,
to be longing and looking and hurting
and waiting for someone who cares.

so reach out and touch someone,
whether they be friend or foe,
replace the hurt with love inside
and watch a friendship grow.

© michelle bryant

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