© photo by michelle bryant

my heart aches for you tonight
as you try to hold on to the past
clinging to the good times
while trying to forget the bad,
thinking of the things you might have said
and the chances you wish you had.

perhaps we’ll never know the loneliness
that grew within her soul
or the person she became that lost her will
that finally took life’s toll.

but, sweet surrender has played its part
and finally, once again she’s whole.

yet, here you are left in pieces
and i see the flecks in your eyes
fighting the turmoil of what to feel
deciding to sigh or to cry
struggling to be strong, to be there for others
trying to remember what’s real.

yes, my heart aches for you tonight
and i wish i could somehow ease your pain
for when you hurt i also hurt
even though you’re not saying.

we are one and i can feel your confusion
and i wish i could make it okay.

perhaps time and space is what you need
to gather thoughts, emotions and such,
perhaps the cynic in you will come to grips
with a conclusion that means so much
that will help you cope the rest of your days
and provide you with enough.

perhaps you will see that i also am here
just reach out by your side – there i’ll be
secretly praying for you every day,
loving you with every bit of my being.

a thirty year love i’ll never replace but
i’m always here for you when you need mi.

© michelle bryant


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