hope for healing…


© photo by michelle bryant

written for my friend during her fight against breast cancer

she used to hide her scars so well
underplayed fears from her private hell,
but the Lord gave her hope
wrapped in His arms, helped her cope.
she lived her life as a testimony to tell.

then the sky grew black one day
all her dreams began to fade.
where was the hope?
how could she cope?
would the lump in her breast go away?

through many painful surgeries & sleepless nights
i prayed for my best friend’s life
i asked the Lord “renew her hope
wrap her in his arms, help her cope,
to comfort her family when they needed to cry.”

i prayed for strength and endurance and faith,
for insurmountable comfort and grace,
for a journey filled with hope
while this family tried to cope,
for His presence, his hand and embrace.

as i look at the strongest woman i know
i see God’s grace in the glow
i see a life full of hope,
a home with a family that’s coped,
a new testimony starting to grow.

yes, now she has a scar that once held a breast
but she’s praising God for a life that’s blessed.
for the Lord has again given her hope
wrapped her up, helped her cope
and again, truly given her – His best!


© michelle bryant

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