how can i explain?


© photo by michelle bryant

how can i explain to my head
whats going on inside heart?
how do i even begin to fathom
when its miles that keep us apart.

is it loneliness or desperation
or love or like or what?
i cant explain this feeling i have
but my stomach’s tied in knots.

how can i feel like a school girl
when i haven’t (even) seen your face?
what is this hold you have over mi
that consumes my nights and days?

the endless hours of conversation
the laughs, the tears we’ve shed.
they’ve created a bond within our hearts
that God holds in his hand.

could it be that he has brought us together
to ease each other’s pain,
to tear down walls & create joys
so we both could love again?

the journey we are about to embrace
will take us places we’ve never been,
but can you explain how it happened so fast?
my head is beginning to spin.

could you please explain to my head
why my heart is such a mess?
for since you sent your “wink” my way
there’s been no more emptiness.

the loneliness is all but gone,
there’s a smile that lives on my face.
you’ve added color to my dull, drab life
& wiped my tears away.

could you explain to my head
what i feel in my heart – it doesn’t understand.
for every day i get to share with you
is a blessing that wasn’t planned.

i know this may seem frightening
& come across too bold
but i cant help this feeling
& i thought you needed told.

so now ive put myself out there
& explained as best i could
the way my heart feels about you-
please know the feelings good.

although my heart is all aflutter
& my mind is all confused.
my life is so much richer.
because of knowing you.

© michelle bryant

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