i believe in you…


© photo by michelle bryant

as i lie here with my head on your chest,
feel your hand caress my back.

i am engulfed in the sweet presence
of where this love is at.

i look up at you so sweet and still
your eyes closed as you escape
and i know that you have also ~
gone into another place.

and as i steal the covers to share more skin
and snuggle up real close
i want you know i believe in you
and the man i see – that glows.

that i have faith in all you are,
in all that you can be,
that i am proud to be your girl.

and i watch you …fall asleep.

and as you lie there dreaming
by the safety of my side
i know our love is real
for the Lord has been our guide.

He taught us to believe in each other
when we were broken and insecure
and now our life is filled with blessings
past pain is but a blur.

and as i lie here while you sleep (and feel you breathing)
i thank God for bringing you to mi,
(and) for everything he’s brought us through
for now my life’s complete.

~ “mi”

© michelle bryant

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