i broke down and let you in…


© photo by michelle bryant

i broke down and let you in
trusted my heart
and let love begin
you don’t know what it means
to open up and give to you,
to wear my heart on my sleeve.

i cant love you any more than i do
but oh cant you see
that my love is just for you?

you play your games and play my heart
but my addiction is intense
i cant bear when were apart.

i try to pretend that i don’t care
but you stay on my mind
and i crave to have you here.

ive opened my heart and soul to you
been vulnerable
free and true.

i cant change how i feel
only hope your words are true.

and that your feelings are real
I know my heart is safe
as long as youre there
calling  out my name.

for ive put myself on the line
and the naked soul ive given to you
could be destroy in time.

so handle mi with care
or break the glass with pain
and leave mi raped and bare.


© michelle bryant

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