i am worth loving…


© photo by michelle bryant

im quirky,
often silly,
frequently blunt,
brutally honest,
broken in places and mended in others.

wanna see my scars?

my days are sometimes dark and my nights too long
i fight all too often with my insecurities,
and yet trip over my strength as well.

i tend to over think and over-analyze,
require too much attention,
love too hard, feel too deep,
long for passion and wish to be desired.

i use music and poetry to find the words that escape mi.

i need someone who is prepared for
a dozen irrational questions,
spontaneous, random bouts of laughter,
my family (God bless them)
random dancing and spontaneous singing
anytime anywhere,
tears on a daily basis (sad or happy)
deep philosophical talks,
my imagination,
my passion, dreams and zeal,
random text messages…just because
useless moments of reason
and acceptance of the real mi
because even with all my faults,
all my needs,
i am worth loving.


© michelle bryant

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