i cant imagine…


© photo by michelle bryant

i cant imagine
what my life was like
before you walked into it-

lacking color and excitement?

days filled with mundane routines
and nights surrounded by pillows
that didn’t listen
or even pretend to understand?


and yet,
by some unknown force,
there you were,
at my front door
and nothing as i know it
has ever been the same since.

ive never believed in love at first sight
but i knew
the first time i saw you
that you were perfect for mi,
that we were meant to be together,
that we could change each other’s world
and that my life
would no longer be as id ever known.

and so,
slowly my heart
began to break through from the wall
it so carefully incased itself in
and my love grew ever deeper
despite my cautious tendencies
and i let go
and let you in.

i became transparent, vulnerable.

and now,
i cant imagine my life-
my days,
my nights,
in any aspect
without you being
the deep, intricate, vital
significance that you are.

© michelle bryant

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