each and every day…


© photo by michelle bryant

we go through our day to day routines
and kiss each other like we know what it means.
but i don’t take for granted what you are to mi
each and every day.

for the little things that mean so much
the subtleties, the slightest touch,
the way you carry on and such
each and every day.

(the) things you do without even knowing
that keep my heart a constant glowing,
the way my world with you is steadily growing
each and every day.

yes, every day i grow closer to you
falling deeper in love with the man i knew
waiting for what ever is next for us two
as we go on about our day.

(but) when you’re gone i know i’ll surely ache
spending my nights lying in bed awake
waiting for your arms to stop the shake
for yet another day.

dreaming of the kisses that turn mi to mush
the hands that reach out to grab my tush,
the innuendoes that make mi blush,
oh, how i live for those days.

for they are very special to mi,
each moment cherished as if the last it could be
for nothing is mediocre in our daily routine
on any given day.

and when the sun sets and our day is done
i know we’ll each think of the other one
wishing to be wrapped in their arms having fun
even in our dreams for today.

but though distance may have us apart at times
i know our hearts have our love entwined
and we are together in spirit and mind
each and every day.


© michelle bryant

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