if you could see…


© photo by michelle bryant

if you could look into your eyes
and oh!- see what i see
you’d see what lies within,
and the man that’s wanting mi.

if you could reach into your heart
and see the man i see
then you’d see the love that’s there,
that wants and aches for mi.

if you could reach into your soul
you’d see the happiness you crave.
you’d see a wonderful life
for all the rest of your days.

you’d see a man you knew existed
but never would expose
for never did you have a girl
worthy to be shown.

…until mi.

and then i’d look into your eyes
and see passion- ecstasy and love.
i’d feel your heartbeat with your touch
and know im just enuf.

if you could look into your eyes
you’d see you’ve drowned yourself in mine,
that we belong side by side,
until the end of time.

that our souls are entwined together
and our lives- are filled with peace
and that we fill a void
that the world has never seen.

yes, if you would look into your eyes
maybe you’d see what i see
and then you’d do whatever it takes-
to come on home- to mi.


© michelle bryant

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