in the room or not…


© photo by michelle bryant

i’ve already had a life filled with running,
with going through the motions
with someone who seemed like they could care less
if i was in the room or not.

other than when the lights went out at eleven.

either way, he’d turn away and leave mi lonely.

am i in the room- or not?

i don’t need much. i’m a simple girl.

just a simple kind of love.

i just want to be – everything you ever wanted
for the thought of mi – to make you crazy.

whether i’m in the room or not.

i want to take your breath away
as i blow your mind while you think of mi,
to turn you on when i kiss you.
i want to love you like no one ever has,
give you everything you’ve ever wanted.
whether i’m in the room or not.

© michelle bryant

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