it’s our turn…


© photo by michelle bryant

i can no longer cover up my feelings
no more want to play it safe,
for since you walked into my life
nothing’s been the same.

for a while life was easy
i was living just for mi.
though lonely, i made no apologies
had no one else to please.

no, i don’t have all the answers
but one thing’s for sure i know
i’ll take my share of chances
to see that this love grows,
to heal some damage that’s been done,
hold the heart of a man that’s captured mine,
to keep the power of your kiss
that makes mi reach and touch the sky,
to see that we keep holding on to each other,
that nothing stays the same,
that everyday is filled with memories
(and) that we no longer live in pain.

it’s our turn to know real love
with no room for hurt or lies.
for years we’ve seen ourselves
through someone else’s eyes.

and now it’s finally our turn
to try and find our way
and if we should get lost in each other –
what a blessing – for what we’ve prayed.

so let the love start pouring
and let our hearts be open wide,
let the walls come tumbling down
as we let each other inside.

yes, it’s our turn baby
to see what we can see.
i hope you see im in love with you
you’re where i want to be.

its our turn to start living outside our dreams,
no longer covering what we feel,
to admit that we’re meant to be together,
even though it seems surreal.

© michelle bryant

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