the journey to real love…


© photo by michelle bryant

ive traveled so far, been through so much
& now im taking a little time
for mi, to see
to think things over.
now that im so much older.
now that my life is mine.

been through valleys, overcome storms,
carried the world on my back.
& now i see, in this life i lead
it’s the legacy i leave behind.
that the hard heart and wounded mind
didn’t keep mi from brutal attacks.

i have come to realize, with no where to run
after much time trying to hide
through all these years, & many tears
there’s a void in my life.
i have a lot of love that’s never been right
and arms that need held tight.

i want to know the right kind of love
to know my last first kiss-
for mi, to see,
through all the heartache and pain
if we dare to face it again.
that love conquers all of this.

i feel this lonely life changing
and my heart finds its beat this time,
show mi, as you know mi
lets feel the magic of love without hurt
speak to mi without a word
with a touch felt when the day’s gone by.

and as we travel so far, as one
and we hold each in spirit & mind-
cant stop now, don’t know how,
for now this love is real.
knowing exactly how we feel.
for now, this life’s sublime.

© michelle bryant

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