just thinking…


© photo by michelle bryant

i think about the years gone by
we shared a love so young & sweet.
but i moved away and life went on
and new lovers we would meet.

we grew up, apart & became other people,
people- we ourselves didn’t know.
yet, fate has brought us together again
(and) a new bond has started to grow.

these past few months we shared some laughs,
we’ve been there when the other’s down.
we’ve recreated our youthful past
and enjoyed the company we’ve found.

we’ve taken walks down memory lane,
talked about a future that might’ve been,
and oh how i dream it could really be
to be back in your world again.

i think about the years gone by,
about a love i wish i hadn’t left
for if you were mine, you’d know endless kisses,
of a love you’ve only dreamt.

so i keep playing this charade game
as long as i have you in my world
trying to be content just thinking (what could’ve been)
if i’d of ended up- your girl.


© michelle bryant

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