long ago ache…


© photo by michelle bryant

doesn’t seem like it was that long ago
that we were laughing & loving,
making plans.

i was beside you,
proud to be your girl
you were standing next to mi,
so strong,
with your arms tight around mi.

everything in our worlds felt so right,
like nothing could go wrong.

there was nowhere else
either wanted to be.

i told you everything..honestly.

i opened up and let you in my built up walls.

you made mi feel like i’d never felt before,
like everything would be alright,
for once in my life.

but now- i cant sleep,
i cant breath,
i cant eat
i’m barely standing at all,
barely hanging on,
making it through the day.
and here i am
starting over once again.
torn apart in a puddle of tears.
holding my heart in my hand
but why- when i thought you were the guy
to make everything alright?
but its ok, just walk away
you wont see mi cry
or fall apart inside,
or see what is left of mi
this mi i pretend to be.

i cant hide it.

i cant deny the way i feel.

i’m hurt to know you used mi,
that it was all a lie.
and i hate myself for letting you in,
for thinking about you
but i can’t stop thinking about you
even though it hurts so much.
i ache so much
i don’t even cry anymore.
yet deep inside, i hurt beyond measure
but you will never get the pleasure
of knowing how much.
but take heart,
now that you have walked away…
i’m moving on.

i’m letting go
to what i thought we had
in what seems
like it was
oh, so long ago.

© michelle bryant

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