losing control over you…


© photo by michelle bryant

baby i got your number
locked in my telephone.
i “almost” call you so many times
but make myself stay in control.

i talked to God last night
and asked Him if you think of mi.
i cried a pillow of hurt for you,
that i wish you could of seen.

i asked Him if your love was real
and if He’d ever bring you home?
(and) if not, then help mi to forget you,
to make the pain be gone.

i keep my pillow next to mi
in this great, big, empty bed
with just your memories to hold mi
oh, but if it was you – instead!

yet i try to keep my mind so busy
in hopes my thoughts won’t drift your way
but off they go to the way we were
and there, they choose to stay.

yes, i said i wouldn’t call you
or bother you or write
but it’s all i do to stay in control
when i miss you so badly each night.


© michelle bryant

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