more than my friend…


© photo by michelle bryant

my basket is filled with wads of paper.
i’ve been through a thousand thoughts,
trying to find the words to explain
in my life what your friendship has brought.

trying to express my gratitude
for your wisdom, your guidance and truth,
trying to find the words
to simply thank you for being you.

to you it may be no big deal
it’s just “what you do”
but when my world is upside down
i know i can count on you.

you touch my heart with your love
your humor makes mi smile,
you offer amazing wisdom
that makes my life worthwhile.

so how can i just call you “friend”
when in my heart you’re so much more
and how can i offer this measly poem
to someone i truly adore?

to someone who has given so much
i may never be able to repay.
but i hope that i might see your face
and hug your neck one day.

© michelle bryant

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