no words to speak…


© photo by michelle bryant


there are so many things i want to tell you
but is it too soon, or too late?

i open my mouth but the words are silent
and so i assume i must wait.

perhaps you can tell as my touch caresses you
as my eyes into yours deeply fall,
perhaps you will know what im trying to say
when i simply say nothing at all.

can you feel what my heart is saying to yours?

through the sound of my sigh when we kiss,
through the warmth that radiates from my skin next to yours
and the tenderness of my caress?

can you tell what words i wish you knew
but simply i can not speak?

for wrapped in your arms…well, just being near you
brings mi weak to my knees.

i shant want to smother you, lest i will lose
but im addicted to you cant you see?

if only you could hear what my heart has to say
from the words i simply cant speak.

may you know through my smile and the softness of my kisses,
and my fingertips gentle touch,
through the sighs i gasp in your arms passion,

that i love you so very much.


© michelle bryant

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