hi, my name is michelle…


© photo by michelle bryant

hi, my name is michelle..

i love hard and feel deep,
ill take pictures of most anything
and wear my heart on my sleeve.

theres nothing about the ocean
that doesn’t fulfill all my senses
and although ive been all over america
id like to jump some foreign fences.

im creative in many areas,
have a hidden wild side as well
but if you ask to see it
ill tell you to go to heck.

im emotionally charged and emotionally led
and do everything with zeal
im independent, self-sufficient
and try to keep things real.

i don’t like drama or playing games
and enjoy kisses everyday.

i love men that are strong in character and confidence
that see im more than just a face.

i believe in chivalry and mutual respect,
sunsets, hot showers and simple stuff.

im a dreamer, a searcher, a romantic
who still believes in love.

so maybe someone will take a chance on mi
and see the diamond that shines beneath the coal
and maybe all this will happen
before i get too old.


© michelle bryant

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