nobody gets mi like you…


© photo by michelle bryant

it’s good to know that you care for mi
and you can read mi when i don’t say a word,
to have someone that helps it stop hurting,
motivates mi when im sick of this world.

’cause nobody knows mi like you do
they’ll never understand.

they don’t know what we’ve been through
or the comfort i get from your hand.

only you can cradle mi when i fall
and know how much there is to lose
only you see beyond the walls of insecurity
to the woman that stands tall in her shoes.

i fill my soul with little things you’ve said and done,
drown myself in the memories,
nobody knows mi like you know mi
it’s like you stole my way to breathe.

you don’t know what you mean to mi
what having you in my life has meant.

on this earth is no one who gets mi like you do,
you must be heaven sent.

‘cause nobody gets mi like you do.

you’re my best friend, my lover, my all
youre the one who keeps mi smiling
even when the teardrops fall.

so thanks..

for the times you could have walked away but didn’t
for the words you gently said,
for the hugs and kisses you willingly gave
(for) choosing to be with mi instead.

you don’t know what i have to lose,
what it feels like to share your soul with mine.

but ive set my sights on showing you
from now ‘til the end of time.


©michelle bryant

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