what did i do?


© photo by michelle bryant

what’d i do to deserve someone like you,
to fill my life overflowing?
i wish you could climb inside of mi
and see the love you give unknowing.

to feel the flutters and the somersaults,
to know the words i can not find,
i wonder what i did to deserve
to have your life meet mine?

to know someone whose love is genuine,
who is honest and real and true.
of all the men ive known in my life
i’ve yet to meet one like you.

and its not a silly physical crush
although yes, i find you sexy as well.
it’s a connection i feel our hearts have
that mere words cant simply tell.

we share a bond that we know will last
from now ‘til the end of time
and hearts that most don’t understand
since your life has merged with mine.

so with a life so full of contentment
a smile and a heart full of peace,
i thank God for crossing our paths
and bringing you to mi.


© michelle bryant

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