outside my dreams…


© photo by michelle bryant

my life has had more than its share
of heartache, hurt and pain.
i don’t know if i can take another day
of facing that again.

but through all that i search for you,
through the loneliness i still seek
to find a real true love,
to find you outside of my dreams.

i don’t know your name or the curves of your face.
i cant feel the softness of your kiss
but i know of your smile and unmistakable love
and the joy i don’t want to miss.

i hold on to hope of a life with no wounds
where hurt and pain don’t exist,
where love abounds in each others arms
and i gasp at the thought of your kiss.

where we think of each other all day long
and we talk without saying a word.
where we live off the love of our tenderness
as only we’ve understood.

i know one day i’ll find you –
though i don’t know your name or your face.
i know some day you’ll be outside my dreams
and all pain, be erased.

© michelle bryant

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