rough day


things have been rough the past few days,
actually, the last few weeks.
it seems since the new year started,
things have gotten rougher and rougher…
personally, professionally.

i’m not really able to pinpoint why.
it’s not one thing, but a series of little things.
they weigh so heavy and choke so hard.
maybe it’s mi.
maybe it’s my mind running wild,
maybe it’s situations or circumstances,
or the moon..who knows.
maybe you’re experiencing this too.

i’m telling you this so we can lift up each other.
so we can stop beating ourselves up.
stop questioning ourselves,
stop playing the “what’s wrong with mi” message in our mind.
girl, when you have a rough day, or week-
it’s not your fault.
it happens.

lately, for mi, it has been one after another.
but today? rough?
because i decided today is going to be a good day…

today, i am not wasting any more
of the precious minutes of my life on things that i cannot change or fix.
i will not dwell on things that are beyond my control.
i am going to choose to look at what is good about today.
how about you?

repeat after me…
“today, i am choosing
to have a great day.
no tears. no sorrow. no negativity or nay-sayers.
today will be filled with hope, joy, laughter and above all, peace.”

so, starting today, join mi
and plan to make each day a good day.
then tomorrow,
when you wake up,
should the day start to get rough,
repeat the process.

choose happy.
and remember…
a sunset is proof that every day can end beautifully.

© c. michelle bryant griffin
Photo by focus on fabulous creative photography

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