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You know you can be strong, brave, secure, and who you are. But how often do you really remind yourself ? You show compassion to others, and those in need, and you love those around you. You're kind and generous and yet you often compare yourself to others. You tend to get anxious or worry too much about things out of your control.

Stop comparing yourself. Everyone is on a different journey. Stop trying to fix things you didn't break. Not only are you good enough. You’re more than enough.

When things go awry it’s ok to be negative, but only for five minutes. Set the timer. Cry. Vent. Scream. Whatever. After five mins. Take a deep breath and say… “I can't change it." You can't change what's already happened so don’t let it rob any more minutes of your life. While you're busy thinking about things you want to change, or can't change, stressing and worrying…time is flying by, moving fast.

You didn't become the gentle empathetic soul that you are because your life has been easy. It’s quite the opposite. You became that way because you know how painful life can be at times. You know how horrible and cruel things can become because you lived in that darkness for so long that you were left with two choices: either become one with the darkness or become a light in the darkness. Although it was one of the most difficult things to do, you chose to become the light. And now you illuminate the path for others who feel lost. Your light is a blessing to this world. Thank you for being a beacon in others’ darkness. Thank you for being a blessing.

It can be easy to forget how resilient and capable we are, but reminding ourselves of this can help us stay on track and elevate our confidence. When you lose sight of yourself, your strength and bravery, when you doubt yourself or feel anxious, or worrisome, take time to remember your strength, bravery, and security, to recall from whence you came.

I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to focus on something positive about yourself. This can be accomplished through positive affirmations, journaling, or even taking a few moments to think about who you are and all you have accomplished. Even small victories are worth celebrating. Whether it's a physical accomplishment, a mental breakthrough, or something simple like taking a moment to appreciate a sunset, it's
important to recognize and celebrate.

Girl, it’s time to shine your light, to remind yourself of your inner strength, bravery, and security. It can be easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of life, but it's important to take a moment to recognize how amazing and resilient you are.

© c. michelle bryant griffin

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