so glad you’re here…


© photo by michelle bryant

baby, i’ve been through so much in my life,
left slithered from the blade.

yet, in spite of who i have become
i cant believe you’ve stayed.

it’s a wonder i haven’t gone plain mad in the head
and it’s amazing youre still by my side.

(but) thinking about you being with someone like mi
truly blows my mind.

thinking about the love you give
and when you hold mi tight
i know life with mi cant be easy at times
but your arms make everything alright.

through the laughter and tears, the good and the bad
you stayed with me anyway,
and even though you wouldnt lose too much by leaving,

i’m so glad youve stayed.

you’ve been my friend, my lover, my motivation
baby, you’re everything i need
you’ve made my love so strong
and healed- where once i used to bleed.

i lack wisdom when it comes to proving my love
but baby i hope you know i do
for now i know where i belong-
and its right here next to you.

i will always try to make you happy
though im sure again ill fail
but as long as i have you with mi
i know i will prevail.


© michelle bryant

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