Tackling Tasks with a Positive Attitude


More than likely, you will work today, in some form or another. You may be going to your job, volunteering in the community, or cleaning the house, doing laundry, and making dinner.

Sometimes our to-do list can seem endless, and we often wonder why our lives lack spontaneity and excitement. We feel as though we are stuck in a rut, going through the motion’s day after day, filling a routine of obligations and commitments.

If you don’t get everything done on your to-do list, look at the things you DID accomplish. I’ve resolved to call these my “ta-da” lists. And rather than stress or get discouraged over tasks I did not complete, I focus on the sparkle and when I cross off each task I accomplish, I say an encouraging “Ta-Da!” for a job well done.

As you “work” today doing whatever you are doing try to turn your work into something meaningful with purpose. If you approach the laundry and dishes with joy as some way of benefiting yourself or those you love your attitude will likely change and your life will begin to feel more valued and purposeful. The work you do will have more meaning than the overwhelming frustration of merely doing a task you’d rather avoid.

© c. michelle bryant griffin

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