the multitude in mi…


© photo by michelle bryant

i’m all mixed up – inside and out
and i know it (but i’m trying).

there’s multitude going on about mi – in mi
i’m a smiler and a crier,
a laugher and a list maker,
a reconciler and a fighter
a schemer and a dreamer,
who are we
that reside in mi?

treat mi tender,
for all my fluff
i’m sore inside
and often afraid.
sit with mi in my shadows,
dance with mi in my sullen times.

it’s strange but
i’m often hurting most
when i’m helping others.
i want to be so much more than i am
(i’m trying)
i want to grow and change
and change things that should be changed.
but i’m all mixed up.
trying to figure out who i am.
who am i?

forgive mi for doing nothing
when i could do something.
forgive mi for doing little
when i could do more.
forgive mi when i am passive and don’t stand my ground
or say nothing
or look the other way,
or pretend not to care.

just lie on the floor with mi
and talk to mi
not about anything significant
just please try.

try to know mi,
the complexity of mi-
to know me as i really am…
that comforts mi,
and it makes all this trying
(and God, i’m trying)
seem so worthwhile.

it doesn’t sound like much
but maybe you can see
how hard love has been on mi,
how hard life has been on mi,
and perhaps if you look into my eyes,
into my words,
maybe you can see
how much you truly mean to mi.
(whoever that may be).

© michelle bryant

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