the safety of your arms…


© photo by michelle bryant

you make mi smile
& i can’t stop thinking that-
about you.

and also about how safe i feel in your arms.

when you’re next to mi,
holding mi..

it’s like there’s no way any hurt can get through
and there’s no where else
i’d rather be
than right there-
with you.

being with you-
is exhilarating yet frightening,
like a roller coaster.

making my stomach whirly
& my knees weak
and yet i still come back for more…

of your smile,
your tenderness,
the you-
that moves mi,
that makes mi weak at the knees,
that i can’t stop thinking of-
that makes mi want to spend
every waking moment
safe, secure,
lost in your smile,
trapped in your eyes,
& wrapped in your arms.


© c. michelle bryant

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