what a selfish country…


© photo by michelle bryant

what a selfish country we are.

we have everything but appreciate little.

we think we’re “entitled” but have not worked for it.

we live in greed but claim poverty.

we covet others yet dont try to better ourselves.

we work less and play more and yet complain about our insatiable lives.

we take from others, expect more and give less.

we give children power and treat elderly and war heroes like the dead.

we have all the conveniences possible & yet cant seem to find enough hours in our day to accomplish anything.

we build as many homes on a small a tract and call it the dream of home ownership.

we command respect yet are disrespectful.

we preach and yet judge.

we spend more than we make, pray less than our ancestors and our own parents.

what once cost is now free and what once was free how comes at too high a price.

we quit living and laughing after a hard days work and now sit exhausted in front of the TV, living out our same ol’ same ol’ life of mediocrity, hum-drum, routine of “just getting by.”

we dont write letters anymore or communicate verbally and wonder why love is gone and hearts are cold.

there are so many things we have allowed one by one to creep in,
to slowly fade into this destruction we call our life, our world, our “existence” and yet we sit in idle amazement and wonder..

why our country is going to hell!

© michelle bryant

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