what can i offer?


© photo by michelle bryant

what can i offer to someone who demands nothing of mi,
who has not only slipped into my soul
but wrapped himself into my heart and grabbed a hold so tightly he takes my breath away,
who consumes my thoughts and my dreams,
who sees and accepts mi in spite of my shortcomings, flaws and irrational insecurities?

what can i offer to the man who rocks my world
in so many ways,
who holds my hand and my heart with compassion, care and tenderness,
a man who exceeds my wildest dreams and greatest expectations everyday and every night,
a man who sets the bar of integrity beyond the norm, who i am proud to be beside – arm in arm.

what can i offer to someone who has such an inexplicable effect on mi,
someone who possesses such strength and yet great tenderness?
who has a selfless will and a giving heart that i witness daily?
someone who loves mi beyond measure without words, without reserve…
even if i don’t deserve it.

what can i, this wounded reed,
this wilted flower,
this butterfly stuck in the mud,
with this bruised, beaten and battered heart
offer you?

i offer you..
a lifetime of laughter and endless smiles,
sincere and loving eyes looking back at you every morning,
loads of encouragement and the knowledge that im your biggest fan,

i offer you infinite kisses and curled up toes,
the intimate parts of mi that no one else knows or sees,
true, loyal and unbridled love like you have never known.

i offer so many things we have yet to learn as we discover each other-
impulsively, explosively, passionately and without disgrace, humiliation or dishonor.

i offer you this..
you, who move mi, beyond my comprehension.

this is all i have and all i am,
but you can have it.


© michelle bryant

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