what have i got to do?


© photo by michelle bryant

what have i got to do
to make you love mi?

what should i do to make you care,
to tell you we belong together,
to turn in the morning
& find you there?

what can i do to help you
believe in the
“us” i know exists?

what can i do, what can i say?

i hate to think of what we’d miss.

what must i do
to make you want mi so much
that there’s no doubt in your mind,
that we belong together-
forever by each other’s side.

what do i have to do?

what do you want mi to say?

when can i hold you again?

how long do i have to wait?

how long until you realize
that love is staring right at you,
that i am here and im asking-
what do i have to do?

i’m asking.

i’m willing – believing
because i know it to be real
that (if you could get passed your past)
you feel exactly how i feel.

so again i say,
what must i do
to show what’s in my heart
so you have the confidence to move forward
and then,
our love can start?


what do i need to do??


© michelle bryant

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