what i need…


© photo by michelle bryant

surely these shoulders carry more than’s allowed
[but] i try to hold it together somehow
while inside im falling apart.

what i really need is to escape with a touch
to know that to you i mean so much.

but i need to feel that – right now.

i need a safe place to fall,
for you to hear when i call,
the strength of knowing you’re there.

i need to know that you know who i am inside.

lie with mi, wipe my tears as i cry
and let mi tell you what i need – right now.

what i need is to be reassured
to feel the heart attraction and allure,
to gasp at the melt of your touch.

i need a heart that thinks i’m beautiful, always
even on my unattractive days.

i need a safe place to escape,
to fall away from this place
when my emotions are running amok.

i need the strength of your hands
to know you’re my man
and i need to know it – right now.

but who are you?

© michelle bryant

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