what kind of man?


© photo by michelle bryant

what kind of man would take a heart
as tender and giving as mine
and lie to it, steal from it and twist it around
’til it’s bruised and i’m crying?

what kind of man plays such games
that trust is merely a word,
that faithfulness, kindness and integrity
are something totally absurd?

what kind of man would deliberately hurt
someone who goes out of their way
to love with open and generous love,
to encourage them and to pray?

what kind of man claims he serves the Lord
yet manipulates in hateful ways?
i’m comforted to know you’ll meet your Maker
and to Him, you’ll have to explain.

these questions i ask myself through hurt
though i’ve moved on and now i’m alone.
but now i wonder how i (ever) cared for a man
with a heart as cold as stone?

and i ask myself what did i do
to think i didn’t deserve to be blessed?
for a man like you who uses people
is not worthy of my best.

so what kind of man deserves a heart~
as tender and giving as mine?
the kind that God has reserved for mi,
the kind i can’t wait to find!


© michelle bryant

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