What If


why are we so angry,
filled with bitterness, malice and such?
why is road rage really a thing?
why do we hurry so much?

why do we have such short tempers 
and our patience runs extra thin?
why do we snap so abruptly at people,
not considering where they’ve been?

why do we expect justice for others
but want mercy for ourselves?
why do we gravitate toward drama and hatred
spewing the venom it dispels?

what if these were our last moments in life
if today was our very last day?
and what if we started to live like we’re dying,
what then, would we portray?

would we be a little kinder,
more patient in the end,
would we step back before we react
treating strangers like they’re friends?

if tomorrow wasn’t promised,
and this moment was our last
would we change our actions and reactions
and leave bygones in the past.

would we make a bit more effort
to spread patience and kindness instead?
what would we do differently
if we knew what lies ahead?

in an instant life can change
right before our very eyes.                                                                                                         here one minute gone the next
so please, today… be kind.

live today like it’s your last
spread love and be a light.
for today could be the very day
you leave your legacy behind.

© c. michelle bryant griffin

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