New year


i doubt the new year will be the ‘best year yet’ as many claim.

of course we deserve it,
it’s been hard lately.
but hear mi out!

i doubt it will be the best year we’ve ever had…
nor will it likely be the worst.

it’s not that i am pessimistic or negative,
quite the contrary.
i’m simply looking at this past year in all its fantastic interlaced wonder…
like a tapestry.

for what we actually see is different than what is hidden.
behind the joy there is sadness,
behind love is heartache and loss.
behind fear is exhilaration and excitement.
and the failures…
all those failures, when turned over reveals our wins and accomplishments.

as we look upon our tapestry
we notice the beauty,
the colors,
woven through the threads of our memories.
each day, every moment is a tiny stitch delicately sewn into our glorious creation.

each new year brings
a new tapestry,
a rich conglomeration of woven magic that depicts
the life we’ve lived,
an ever changing version of the constant changing hues,
a sweet reminder of what we’ve been through and somehow survived.

it is through those paths of our lives that memories are intwined to create the masterpieces we call life.

so before you dismiss the old
for ‘new, better, best ever’
curl up, pause and really examine
the masterpiece you have created.

it is amazing, beautiful, and intricate
as are you.
and you will see
behind the hidden knots,
the mess and drugery of the stitches,
is an amazing, beautiful, intricate work of art to be carried forth as well.

~ c. michelle bryant griffin

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