when i think about you…


© photo by michelle bryant

my sweet ray:
when i think about you
my heart skips a beat,
my palms get all sweaty,
i get weak in the knees,
and i cant catch my breath.

i become giddy as a school girl.

i think about the bond that we have created.

we have formed a friendship
that is invaluable to mi.

shared our dreams and plans for the future.

we can be serious or goofy
(you are very good at goofy)
i think we understand each other
and encourage each other.

in my dreams
i always pictured a man
who was intelligent, handsome,
sensitive, fun, made mi laugh
and would completely overwhelm my heart.

since dreams are just that- dreams
i never imagined to find such a person.

until you.

then you
brought into my reality
the truth
that dreams
can come true.

only you are more
wonderful than my dreams
ever imagined.

i think about the times
we’ve talked, laughed, shared.

you have comforted mi when i was sad
and sometimes just sat
and listened
while i rambled on about nothing.

we have shared
some intimate and personal moments
that no one can take away from us.
thank you
for being the perfect friend.

then i think
about the fact that there is so much
ugliness in the world
that sometimes i find it impossible to smile.
but when i think of you-
i can only think of
being together,
of happy, good things.

i think about your smile.

you make mi smile
and that makes mi keep a smile on my heart.
i know
sometimes i come to you
feeling insecure,
needing reassurance
that you care, that you’ll be there.

i think sometimes
you might need that too
so i want you to know
right here, right now
no matter what
that i love you so.

~ “mi”
© michelle bryant

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