the beach…


© photo by michelle bryant

as i stand here weak, vulnerable, insecure ~
i feel so small.

how can i be here ~ beside someone of your magnitude?

simply gazing at the stars?

gasping at how brightly venus lights up the sky?


embracing the glow of the waves on a black canvas horizon,
we can only hear their roar
as they come crashing in.

mesmerized by the stillness of our souls to the world around us,
we embrace the moment
and each other.

taking in the smell of the air,
the feel of the sand in our toes.
to mi,
it’s as if there is no one else on the planet
but us…and i dance.
yet, in the distance we notice children playing.

we hear the sounds of their laughter
and see the flicker of their flashlights,
lovers can be heard kissing,
scattered throughout the sea oats,
and others pass by holding hands
as they stroll down the sandy shoreline.
although we are not alone,
it’s still as though it’s merely you
and mi
and the beach
and nothing else.

as i sit here next to you,
close, tender, passionate –
you embrace mi
and yet still i feel so small
next to one of your magnitude.

i notice the taste of salt on my lips.
and reach over to taste it also – on yours.
under the stars…
with venus so bright…
you and i
and the beach,
that night.


© michelle bryant

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