where & why?


how do i feel right now?
i’m not even sure i know-
kind of depressed, seems my luck’s run out
and my body feels drab and slow.

i feel like life’s a waste of time,
like i’m walking a deserted road.
i’m going nowhere, getting nothing,
just watching my luck run low.

why don’t dreams ever work out
the way we wish they would,
and why do i feel like struggling won’t help
when i’m trying so hard that it should?

where do i get my optimism?
where do i get my strength,
when dreams and hopes and plain hard work,
still leave mi on the streets?

why am i feeling so empty in places,
just trying to stay alive?
why do i have these unanswered questions
locked and embedded inside?

where does the pride and the goals come in?
where’s the determination go?
why am i shut out, when the luck rolls in?
i’m really not sure i know.

well, i’m not ever going to quit,
and i’m not going to pout,
but as long as i have breath in my lungs,
i refuse to be shut out!

© michelle bryant

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