will you be my boyfriend…


© photo by michelle bryant

will you be my boyfriend?

(im often misunderstood and frequently overlooked)
and i’m sure you’ve thought of a million reasons why you shouldn’t…

but i will love you with eyes shut tight and heart wide open
with a large and leaping love.

i’m often moody and tend to overreact at times,
and come across as a paradox to many
my insecurity sometimes manifests itself as anger or doubt.

but, if you will take a chance on loving mi
and really look into my eyes,
you’ll see through my heart,
into my soul
and feel unbridled passion
that makes you weak and brings you to your knees.

i tend to cry about something every day
and can turn from laughter to depressed on a dime
but that’s only because i care
more deeply
than most- about most things.

i am very strong on the outside yet so tender on the inside
that i’d collapse without the outer shell
that holds
mi together.

i know too well of pain that most lifetimes never experience
yet yearn for a love more real than the movies.

so i must ask?

will you be my boyfriend?

there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t.

i give too much, try too hard and cry too often.

i’m rarely predictable in a script that changes hourly.

i need attention often and deeply
if you will take a chance on loving mi
you will see that
i also have a wild side,
that i can make you laugh
and love you like no other
and be here when you are afraid.

because i know what it is like to be afraid almost every day.

please, don’t push mi away
when i ask you to be my boyfriend,
to take a chance on what’s left of this partial person.

no mark left in this world that i was ever here,
still misunderstood, still overlooked-
but i plead- not by you.

i’m counting on you to be the one
to take the chance.

there’s so many reasons
why you shouldn’t…

but i will show you love
in a world, my world
like you’ve never seen-
if you’ll simply take a chance
on loving mi….

will you?

© michelle bryant

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