without you once again…


© photo by michelle bryant

its 3 a.m.

i have to be up in 3 hours.

i’m beat yet can’t sleep.

the movie of us keeps playing in my memory over and over like a matinee.
i am surrounded by pillows that have no warmth
and the sound of the fan bears no resemblance to your breathing.

the bed is big and lonesome and i should be happy to have the covers all to myself, but im not.

for you are miles away going about your day, probably without time to even think about mi right now.

yet as my mind wanders
i imagine what youre doing,
if the sun is shining,
if you’re smiling
or if something you see might make mi cross your mind.

but tonight, like many nights since you’ve been gone, insomnia curls up in this bed with mi
captivating my restlessness, my loneliness,
my desire to hold you in my arms again.

and so i let the movie
drift mi off
Into your loving arms.

goodnight my baby.

i’ll see you in my dreams.


© michelle bryant

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