you are not mine…


© photo by michelle bryant

in my dreams i lie beside you, i see your face,

i feel your touch, your warm embrace

but then i wake and realize… that you are not mine.

yet all day long you linger in my mind
and haunt my soul, my body… deep inside
and all i want to do is run to you, but you are not mine.

every time i try to run away,
something calls mi back to stay.
is it the cry of loneliness, or the fact you want mi so?

i don’t have the strength to fight, just reason to leave
but somehow you seem to make mi believe
that everything will be alright.

i never thought id be here…be the other girl,
dreaming and flirting in another woman’s world
imagining a life that may not even work..

so why do i keep holding on,
when inside part of mi says… i should be gone?
for i know that you… are not mine.

am i afraid to be alone, or is it the fact you notice mi?
why cant i let go of this hold you have on mi?
why cant i let you go?

ive said goodbye to a dozen men before
but this time i cant even get to the door.
so..what makes mi stay?

what makes you live in my thoughts and engulf my insides,
makes mi want your kisses on my thighs?
how can i turn and walk away?
i want to, i need to..for you are not mine.

tomorrow. perhaps tomorrow.
either you wont be hers or you wont be mine.
but for tonight in my dreams- you hold mi…
and i dont have to let you go.

© michelle bryant

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