a gift of you…


© photo by michelle bryant

did you know that you’re a gift from God?
the Bible says its so.
but what if i said that (i think)
you’re my gift

perhaps  that you did not know.

no, i haven’t known you very long
or even laid eyes upon your face
and yet somehow i feel as though our souls connect
as though we’ve already embraced.

my heart literally flutters with thoughts of you
without realizing it, you’re in my prayers
and my dreams and my thoughts when i wake up each day
you give mi peace- & i’m suddenly- not so scared.

i guess what i’m trying to say is:

i see what a gift you truly are
and how special this world is to have you in it.
and all i know is i want to learn all there is about you
and to not waste another minute.

© michelle bryant

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